Trial Supply Risk Management

Clinical Trials are rapidly expanding to more countries and becoming more complex in design. Trial supply chains require a complex network of CDMO, 3PLs and Investigational Sites that operate under cross border regulations. The world has witnessed tectonic shifts in the geopolitical environment and sharp increase in the frequency of natural disasters due to climate change. These have significantly increased the probability of supply chain disruptions.

Our risk management solution empowers you with comprehensive risk management capabilities as shown below,


Risk Alerts Generated by Continuous Sensing of External Risk Events Impacting Supply

Risk Alerts/Alarms Generated from Continuous Sensing Of Changes in Data

Define Business Rules for Internal Predictable Risks & Generate Alerts with Impact Level

Risk Register enables Visibility & Governance of Critical & Strategic Risks

Trial Complexity & Risk Assessment – Evaluate Risk Impact & Develop Mitigation Strategy

Define Risk Profiles (Countries, Regions, Assets) & Develop Strategy to Minimize Risk

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