Clinical Trials Supply Control Tower

Our clinical supply chain control tower solution provides a workbench for trial supply chain planners, logistics managers and study managers responsible for planning and execution of clinical trial supply chains. It enables an integrated end-to-end view of the trial supply chain through a data model designed for the control tower.

The insights, intelligence & alerts generated, expedites decision making and enables proactive risk management to reduce planning lead time, material waste and trial cost, and improve the resilience of your supply chain.


Global Programs & Trials Portfolio

Self-Service Workbench

Demand & Supply Planning Intelligence

Digital Twin

End to End Inventory Visibility

Clinical Trial Site 360

Value Creation

Business Drivers

  1. Increasing pressure to reduce cost/ clinical trial.
  2. Improve patient and investigational site experience.
  3. Reduce waste of Medicinal Products.
  4. Flexible supply chain that supports Complex Trial Design.
  5. Increasing Speed to Clinic and
    reduce Time to Market

Supply Chain Leadership

  1. Reduce Waste and Cost of Trials.
  2. Increase Speed to Clinic & Reduced Trial Lead Time.
  3. Enhance Resource Productivity.
  4. 100% On time Dispensation of
    Medicinal Products to Patients.
  5. Secure Supply Continuity.

Operations Team

  1. A workbench for managing trial
    supply planning and distribution.
  2. Reduce Planning Lead Time by 25%.
  3. End to end visibility of Supply Network on desktop.
  4. Ensure 100% on- time drug dispensing while managing supply risk.
  5. Enhanced user experience & reduce
    work related stress.

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